Friday, May 1, 2009

Thanks For Writing!!

"Just wanted to tell you your station ROCKS!!! I usually get stuck working every weekend, I crank your station up and it makes working the weekends bearable. It’s just hit after hit after hit….I love your station!!!!!" -Dawn Roberts - Hamilton, Ohio

HI Jill! just tuned in to your show for the 1st time and got completely blown away by such cool music! Didn't want to go out to run my errands in case i missed something! Anyhow, keep up the great music-- you Rocktastic chick from an old rocker(nope,we never die!) -Max

"Please play 'Ballad of Jayne' from L.A. Guns and 'The Angel Song' from Great White. Much appreciated." -Paul - Central Florida

"Hello! I have been listening to your station and loving it!" -Robyn Porter - Black Hawk, Colorado

"Kudos - listened to you for awhile yesterday and listening now... enjoy your station!!!! -Dan - St. Louis, Missouri

"HI Guys, Just found your station from the UK. Unfortunately we don't have anything like it over here..........will carry on enjoying and getting some new hairspray tomorrow just so as I feel part of it! -Eamonn - United Kingdom

"Thanks for playing my kind of music! The new 'metal' being played on the radio today is total crap! All the bands are pissed off about something! Whatever happened to good metal that was simply about having a good time or about pining over your latest adolescent heartbreak? There's no need for the new bands to be so mad all the time, singing about jumping off buildings and stuff. Keep up the good work! All us HairMetalHeads gotta keep it ALIVE!!!!! - Anonymous, Albertville, Alabama

I have been a long time listener of hairnation on sirius radio but stumbled across your station and love it....its just as good and makes my day at work just a little more tolerable!! thanks. - Julie Anderson - St. Louis, Missouri

OMG i must say a BIG THANK you!!!! im rockin so hard on your station!. i just found out about after seeing an article in todays paper about it. i must say i go to youtube and look up a lot of the "old" stuff. pretty sad when now its played on a "classic rock" station here in louisville, but it is 20 years old and STILL sells out long story short, check out its a local band that does nothing but 80's covers. they are awesome and sound excellent. once again, THANKS!!!! (i can now relive my younger days of long hair exactly like the bass player in cinderella, the girls, the attitude, and the FUN!!!!!!!!) you rock jillicious! love the name btw.. hehehe -Larry - Louisville Kentucky

Thank you for Hair Band Radio!! This is by far the best station I have ever heard. All the music I want to hear all the time. I am a hair band junkie and you play the hair band songs that were not just the Top 40 hits of the 80’s that most stations play. Thank you, thank you. Keep it up. One question, do your concert T shirts still fit? Mine don’t. -Lee Bjerke - Decorah, Iowa

Hi there guys. Thanks for the great music, keep rockin'. Greetings from a rainy Amsterdam.

Just wanted to let you know your station is awesome and I love listening everynight afterwork. You have the right mix of the right music. Def Leppard and Slaughter...I love it! Thanks for the quality music. -David Tartar

Hi there, I live in the U.K. and it is great to hear all the songs that i grew up with in the 80s. keep on rocking! -Dave from Wakefield

Great station! Makes me wish I had an endless supply of hair spray. Keep the music coming. -Greenteeth

Hey there could you please please play some Siagon Kick 'Love Is On The Way'..been listening for awile..the best station on the net..thanks Guys. -Tara Drapeau from Moncton New Brunswick CANADA

Thanks for playing The Deeper the Love by Whitesnake, it is a great song and it's a favorite of my wife and mine from when we were dating. Just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. -Brian Bleess

Hi Jill, God, if your station was on the airwaves, I'd cream my jeans! Again, your set list is incredible! Thanks a bunch! -Chris

I have been listening to your station all day at work today and I have to say I love it. All the music is awesome. The only thing I can think of is a little more Warrant and Van Halen but it sounds like you have a pretty large playlist already. Keep on Rockin!! -GreatBazunka